Done-For-You LinkedIn Marketing Services

Connections Expands Your Professional Network
Timeline Posts Raises Your- Profile And Brand
Messaging Generates Prospect Engagement
Membership Expands Your Access To Members Expands Your Access To Members

Done-For-You-By-Humans Revenue Growth Service​

Our experienced North American LinkedDNA growth consultants do the heavy lifting on your behalf investing 30 or more hours week expanding your professional network, building your brand, and professionally generating  for you quality engagements with your desired contacts.

LinkedDNA Drives Sales Efficiency

Part of the LinkedDNA Secret Sauce lies in our highly effective 20-Step Process that is delivered in four progressive building block stages designed to help you achieve three key milestones:

1.Establish the connection with your desired customers

2.Raise your personal brand in front of your audience as a subject matter expert

3.Bring them into positive engagement with you.

LinkedDNA Professionally Delivers Quality Prospect Engagements

LinkedDNA Delivers Results:
 Expands your professional network with targeted connections each month
 Delivers steady stream of quality engagements with desired contacts
 Raises your personal profiles & brand as a subject matter expert
 Delivers weekly comprehensive dashboard-powered reports

LinkedDNA's Unrivaled Value:
 Delivers higher caliber engagements at a fraction of the cost of other methods
 Drives sales efficiency as reps focus on sales engagements vs prospecting
 Amplifies marketing's impact and reach via each rep's individual network
 Strategic front-end of holistic tactical account penetration & expansion strategy
 Supports effective lead/relationship nurturing efforts with new connections
 Ensures a more positive customer experience and first impressions

LinkedDNA's Unrivaled Process & Security:
 Dedicated North American LinkedDNA Growth Consultant
 Powered by sophisticated value-based customer engagement ABM process
 NO automation - No Outsourcing - No offshoring
 Strictest data security policy and process
 100% compliant service