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No Automation…No Bots…No Scrapers are used. 100% Done-by-Human Process

Our team operates under one roof from a secure North American facility

Your Gateway to Quality Engagements with Desired Customers

Let our experienced North American LinkedDNA™ growth consultants do the heavy lifting on your behalf investing more than 30 hours a week to help achieve 3 key milestones:

Expand Your
Professional Network

As your professional network grows so does your sphere of influence

Raise Your Personal Profile & Brand

Become a recognizable subject matter expert & trusted authority to your network

Launch You into Quality Prospect Engagements

Begin the process of relationship building as you respond to your desired customers and gain meetings

No Automation…No Bots…No Scrapers are used. 100% Done-by-Human Process

What your LinkedDNA™ Growth Consultant Does for You Each Day!

Connections Expands Your Professional Network
Timeline Posts Raises Your- Profile And Brand
Messaging Generates Prospect Engagement
Membership Expands Your Access To Members Expands Your Access To Members

No Automation…No Bots…No Scrapers are used. 100% Done-by-Human Process

How effective is LinkedDNA™ ?

Unprecedented Results Achieved by a Telcom Managed IT Company After 6 Months Supporting 7 Sales Executives

appointments and general response
connection messages

This week you had:

New Connections
New Meeting Connections
General Responses
appointments and general response
connection messages

20-Step LinkedDNA™ Process Delivered in 4 Progressive Stages

Part of the LinkedDNA™ Secret Sauce lies in our high effective 20-Step process that is delivered in four progressive building block stages designed to bring you into a positive prospect engagement with your desired customers.

The OUTCOME in less than 6 months supporting 7 sales executives!

  • Over 9700 direct connections to target prospects of CEOs, CTO, CIO and VP of IT
  • Over 300 appointments from target prospects
  • Over 950 responses from target prospects

The results speak for themselves!

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