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Our Holistic DNA ABM Process is the Core Foundation of What We Do

Professional sales executives know that customers only do business with people they trust. In a mature industry with many competitors, that means you will only have a chance at penetrating a target account by becoming a trusted advisor to those who can bear influence on doing business with your company.

DNA Demand Generation™ is a solution-selling holistic Account-Based Marketing & Sales methodology designed by industry experienced sales executives who have a long track record of successfully building relationships on trust and value.  

Holistic Windmill

Here's how it works...

We can help implement the DNA ABM process within your current demand generation ecosystem. We also can provide resources to drive the process for you.

LinkedDNA™ is the front-end of this sophisticated holistic account-based marketing ecosystem.

DNA Demand Generation
This is a much more powerful way to forge a relationship. This is the step that most firms skip. The business intelligence gathered during the Discover stage will form the basis for determining the direction for the next level of engagement in the DNA Demand Generation™ Process.

All business development opportunities start at the discover stage of the process. At this initial stage, sales consultants should be razor-focused on learning about the potential customer’s needs and priorities, not pushing any solution. Depending on the size of the target account, sales consultants should execute discovery calls with everyone that can bear influence on doing business with your organization.

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It is at this point, the engagement with the key stakeholders is focused on trying to establish situational alignment between your solutions and the key decision-maker needs. This is what we call the alignment call.


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During this engagement, the sales consultants will methodically present their knowledge of the situation and attempt to present their solution in the framework of the stakeholders needs using their language.


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Your solutions will have a better likeliness of being considered as your potential customers begin to align their needs with your solutions. Once situational alignment is established between your solution and the key decision-maker’s needs, the opportunity can then move to the next logical step in the sales process.


The Align stage of the DNA Demand Generation™ Process is designed to establish a situational alignment between your solutions and the key decision-makers’ needs. During this critical stage in the sales process, sales consultants organize tactically to position the designated solutions based on the business intelligence gained during the Discover and Navigate stages of the DNA Demand Generation™ Process. 

They seek to gain an audience with the key stakeholders who should at this point be well aware of the sales consultant’s efforts and direct engagements with every influential contact within their organization involved in the identified initiative. 

Key stakeholders will be much more eager to engage the sales consultants knowing they have been well-armed by their peers with details on the initiatives or challenges. These are the early phases by which the sales consultants begin to be seen as valued subject matter experts and eventually trust advisors.

DNA Demand Generation