Our Mission & Competencies

We are revenue-focused and believe success is based on tangible results. It is the fundamental principle that drives our mission to provide clients with truly best-in-class sales and marketing services that net tangible results.

LinkedDNA™ and DNA Demand Generation™ is the cumulation of over 20 years of sales success in target account penetration and expansion working with 50 of the largest technology companies in the world, along with their distributors, channels and alliances.

We employ a unique combination of holistic account-based marketing process and customer-centric methodology, leading edge technologies and a unified team of industry experienced resources under one umbrella to ensure our clients success.

Our clients are professionals who recognize that the tolerance and effectiveness of cold calls and emails are near zero making it increasingly harder and more expensive to acquire desired customers.

DNA Demand Generation™ and LinkedDNA™ are giving sales and marketing organizations a powerful edge on their competitors.

Let’s discuss a better approach.

TheLinkedDNA Light Logo™ Team

The LinkedDNA Light Logo Team

Sam Momani

CEO And Managing Partner

As CEO of Global Technology Sales Solutions (GTSS), Sam is responsible for directing corporate strategy, driving global business development and leading the overall direction of the company’s sales, marketing and business process outsourcing and optimization products and services.

Leona Kaburov

Creative Messaging Strategy Director

Leona is the Creative Messaging Strategy Director responsible for developing creative content, training modules, and boosting client profiles with newsletter services. She has been busy consulting, providing administrative services, researching, and writing for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups for 20+ years.

Erika Andrade

Spokesperson & Customer Success Officer

Erika Andrade helps business owners and individual professionals grow their business while leveraging the power of LinkedIn. As LinkedDNA’s spokesperson, she helps clients maximize the benefits of LinkedDNA. Erika is also responsible for ensuring that all of LinkedDNA’s clients’ questions are addressed timely and effectively as our Customer Success Officer.

Nayana Roman

Operations Manager And Administrator

As the Operations Manager and Administrator for LinkedDNA, Nayana is responsible for supporting daily internal operations and external client programs. Nayana also provides ongoing administrative support for our accounting and sales teams.

Javier Arriaga

Media Production and AudioVisual Content Creator

As LinkedDNA’s content developer, Javier is responsible for transforming client ideas and corporate brand identities into digital content that draws attention. His expertise includes graphic design, video creation, animation, and photography.

José Alarcón

Web Developer, Data Analyst and SEO Expert

José leads the web development and search engine optimization services for LinkedDNA. José has extensive background in programming, web development, big data analytics and management. José responsibility is for maintenance of LinkedDNA and client websites including the domains, hosting administration.