Why LinkedDNA Works

LinkedDNA is the Secret Sauce to Your Sales Success The Challenges; Sales Executives Face Today, the ability for B2B sales teams to attain quota on time are being hampered by three key challenges: 1.The tolerance for unsolicited emails and cold calls is near zero making it harder and more expensive to acquire new customers. 2.Sales cycles are getting longer, and more complex as decision, making power is increasingly spread across business units, involving more people. 3.Sales teams lack the time and expertise to consistenly leverage social media channels for prospecting Sales executives need to be more sophisticated in the way they engage with prospects. Discover like our many clients why LinkedDNA delivers results and unrivaled value.


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LinkedDNA Delivers Results:
 Expands your professional network with targeted connections each month
 Delivers steady stream of quality engagements with desired contacts
 Raises your personal profiles & brand as a subject matter expert
 Delivers weekly comprehensive dashboard-powered reports


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LinkedDNA's Unrivaled Value:
 Delivers higher caliber engagements at a fraction of the cost of other methods
 Drives sales efficiency as reps focus on sales engagements vs prospecting
 Amplifies marketing's impact and reach via each rep's individual network
 Strategic front-end of holistic tactical account penetration & expansion strategy
 Supports effective lead/relationship nurturing efforts with new connections
 Ensures a more positive customer experience and first impressions


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LinkedDNA's Unrivaled Process & Security:
 Dedicated North American LinkedDNA Growth Consultant
 Powered by sophisticated value-based customer engagement ABM process
 NO automation - No Outsourcing - No offshoring
 Strictest data security policy and process
 100% compliant service