Done-For-You Content Delivery Services

LinkedDNA Content Services is designed to help clients post relevant material intended to create connections, reinforce brand awareness, and build trust in the marketplace.

Upon implementation, relevant content is curated, personalized captions are created, and articles are posted across multiple platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Creative Messaging Strategy Director

I capitalize on my creative writing expertise and digital marketing experience to post digital content twice a day, every day, for clients that wish to benefit from being viewed as thought generators and industry leaders.

Contact me to learn more about how we can help you achieve your digital content needs.

Leona Kaburov

Meaningful Content

The value lies in the ability to post meaningful content on a regular and consistent basis allowing clients to take full advantage of what social media marketing has to offer.

Of course, posting twice daily is something every organization would like to do, but do not have the time to do. Clients only need to provide approval prior to posting chosen articles according to time-tested algorithms designed to capture the attention of their targeted audience.

Whether enrolling as an individual proprietor or an entire sales team, content services are delivered in such a way that no individual will see the same content posted within the same week. 

This approach offers several benefits and attracts quality leads. Providing material for blogs and company newsletters is an additional service offered to clients wishing to direct traffic to corporate websites and to establish increased visibility in the market.