In this special guest feature, Bagrat Safaryan, Co-Founder and CEO of Local Express, takes a close look at four areas where data analytics can have a significant impact for grocers. Local Express is a SaaS vertical for the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry which specializes in providing eCommerce solutions to independent retailers and enterprises seeking digital transformation. Since starting the company in 2017, Bagrat has been on a mission to bring turnkey e-commerce solutions to grocery stores and food retailers across the country using the Local Express platform

In recent years, an immense digitization trend has taken hold in the grocery industry. Smaller supermarkets and grocery stores looking to get a piece of the online-market pie have often resorted to pre-made, third-party baking mixes, reducing their overall share of the profit-pastry. The result: 59% of grocers agree their third-party delivery partnerships are unprofitable.

4 Areas Where Grocery Stores Can Use Data Analytics to Enhance Operations