Datasembly empowers brands and retailers to make data-driven decisions about pricing , promotions and assortment. Datasembly provides unprecedented visibility into pricing data through our intuitive platform that is built to solve real-world problems and deliver immediate insights.



Datasembly collects billions of grocery and retail pricing records each week from over 150 retailers and QSRs. This data is hyper-local, highly volatile, and notoriously difficult to collect, especially at massive scale. Our proprietary technology accomplishes this, then transforms massive amounts of disparate data into the organized information that powers our solution.


Datasembly collects billions of grocery and retail records each week from hundreds of retailers. Our clients have seen millions in savings and new revenue.

Monitor Competitive Intelligence on KVI’s:

Hyper-local, competitive KVI intelligence gives you the ability to:

• Respond to competitive price changes in real-time
• Manage shoppers’ value perception at a local level
• Adjust pricing according to local competition

Improve Pricing and Promotions Strategies:

Datasembly’s real-time, store-level data tracks local and regional trends. View pricing and promotions changes in real-time. Gain insights about private label pricing changes and visibility of key value items like milk, eggs, and butter.

• View pricing and promotions changes in real-time
• Gain insights about private label pricing changes and visibility of key value items like milk, eggs, and butter
• Predict seasonal trends of pricing and distribution
• Identify local and regional trends, pricing and promotions experiments

Improve Strategy and Execution of Seasonal Items and Product Launches:

• Share competitive data, enabling category managers to better negotiate
• Examine competitive pricing and react in real-time
• Track new and competitive product launches in real time, improving execution of strategy
• Monitor competitive products, even during launch, to better respond to change

Enhance Store Assortment:

Utilize real-time, store-level data about both pricing and assortment.

• Execute retail plans based on the most recent data from every store
• Optimize in-store price reduction programs
• Visualize real-time competitive promotions by CPG, retailer, metro area and promotion type
• Manage in-store assortment according to local preferences
• Create weekly offers targeted to regional markets and location demographics, and review against local competitors

Other Use Cases:

• Better control of Private Label image management through a more detailed look into title, description, categorization, and image changes for your products at various retailers
• Explore store distribution of brand products and your competitors’ private label products (e.g. out of stocks, reduced store coverage, new items, shelf changes)


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